About Me

What if your real estate agent wasn’t… a salesperson? What if they didn’t want to put their face on bus benches, or give you swag with their name on it? What if they didn’t cheapen your relationship by asking for referrals?

What if they were just a friendly, competent, honest person who could tell good real estate from bad?

Yeah. That’s all I’m trying to do over here. Be a friend you can count on, who knows real estate, and has too much shame for all that other stuff. My business is built on strong client relationships, a thoughtful experience, honest advice, and being, well, not the type of person you might expect to find in this industry.

When I’m not showing homes, you can find me sipping coffee at Five Watt, singing karaoke, playing kickball, baby-talking with other people’s pets, and taking pictures at construction sites for fellow urban development and transit geeks.

I live in south Minneapolis with my wife Jordan and our two cats, Mallie and Pepper.

Jordan says I’m a Hufflepuff. I feel like more of a Huffleclaw (or Ravenpuff), but no one makes an online test that will tell me that.