Seller Tips and Resources

These sites help home sellers maximize value with smart tips and resources. Local Twin Cities Market Updates The latest information on county, city, and neighborhood sales trends. market 10 Investments to Boost Your Home’s Value A discussion between two experts about the best improvements homeowners can make to maximize their home’s value. improvements 100 Tips to Sell Faster and For More $$$ For the seller who wants to cover all their bases, this list is will give you 100 great tips for helping you sell your house for more money, faster than the competition. 100tips Twin Cities Ordinance and Municipal Information Does your local city government have any rules regarding home sales, renting, or inspections? Find out here. ordinance Fixr is a powerful site that finds contractors and free estimates for virtually everything. Floors? Yep. Painters? Plumbers? Remodelers? Electricians? Yep, yep, yep, yep, and then some. fixr Why You Should Stage Your Home staging 15 Home Staging Secrets staging2